It's time to break free from the toxic diet cycle

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It's time to stop dieting

We help you take back control of your weight and health – without the hunger!

With our online 1:1 consultations, we get to the root cause of your health and weight struggles, and create a personalised approach that fits your life, health and goals. This means a lifestyle you’re more than happy to stick to – yes, also on weekends. 

Low-Carb dietitian

Is this you?

• You’re unsure whether low-carb is right for you

• You’re stuck in the toxic diet cycle

• You’re constantly “falling off the wagon”

• You’re struggling with your weight and energy 

• You’re done feeling unhappy within your own skin

• You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired

Trust us, you’re not alone…

We’ve showed many women that it’s not their fault they’re not losing weight. That it has nothing to do with their efforts or motivation. It’s the general nutrition advice that failed them and you too.

What Our clients say

the Nourishing State has helped me tremendously with getting started to lose the necessary kilos and above all to feel much more energetic and fitter. My self-confidence is returning. Their approach is both very professional and really clear and personal. Their dietary approach is easy to follow and, above all, very easy to sustain. The satisfaction of what you eat is incredible! I am so grateful I got rid of my sugar addiction. Without hunger, without cravings and no relapse. I can hardly believe it. Through the consultations it is completely clear to me which components a meal should contain to reach my weight loss goal. Since I am very impatient I could not have done this myself. The tools the Nourishing State provided were more than welcome! They are always willing to give advice and quickly get to the core of your problem. So for everyone who wants to work on their health and wellbeing: contact the Nourishing State and treat yourself to this beautiful gift!
Diana Jonkman-Penning
The Netherlands
the Nourishing State does not solely focus on nutrition, but also on the mental aspect and your mindset. It is not just about how much weight you want to lose, but mainly about how you feel about it. Not only omitting unhealthy food, but also adding the right foods that will help you make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. They teach you that you will make mistakes on your journey, but they also teach you that it is mainly about how you deal with those mistakes. And that is the key to a sustainable change. I already visited a number of dietitians, but none of them really wanted to know how I was doing. the Nourishing State does. This team of women is wise, friendly and fun who have helped me tremendously on my way to a healthier diet and more self-acceptance.
Katrien Ottevaere
Highly recommend The Nourishing State. They are professional experts and offer their expert knowledge on healthier eating. They are also doing some great work in helping women overcome the restrictions that come with the diet culture. I was managed by both; Noor and Marie- Lynn. They are exceptionally good at what the do and I even learnt so much on nutrition the affects on blood sugars, food groups and the importance of protein. With their service, they also provided regular contact by email or other social media platforms, some online video calls and various meal plans and recipes that you can follow (optional). Amazing work - thank you.
Rehana Khalifa
United Kingdom

The First Step

We know that starting a new lifestyle can feel very challenging and overwhelming.

And it raises a lot of questions too.

“Where do I start?”

“Does this approach fit my current lifestyle?”

“Will it impact my work, family and social life?”

“Is low-carb even right for me?”

But also when you’ve already taken the first steps to a healthier you, you can still have many questions.

“Am I doing it right?”

“How can I keep myself motivated?”

“Why do I still experience certain symptoms?”

“What to do during dinner parties and social events?”

We’ve also experienced this when we started our own low-carb journey. Yep, even as low-carb nutritionists! Step by step we found our way and what works for us personally, which inspires us to help you feel your absolute best too.

Choose Your package

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Initial Consult (60-min)

Personal Nutrition Strategy

Recipe Bundle

1 Review Consult (30 min)

How To Read Labels ebook

Blood Test Check ebook



10 weeks

Initial Consult (60-min)

Personal Nutrition Strategy

Recipe Bundle

3 Review Consults (3 x 30 min)

How To Read Labels ebook

Blood Test Check ebook



4 months

Initial Consult (60-min)

Personal Nutrition Strategy

Recipe Bundle

5 Review Consults (5 x 30 min)

How To Read Labels ebook

Blood Test Check ebook