Blood Test Check

Do you want to find out what is causing your low energy levels, sugar cravings and weight struggles?

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How can you fix something if you don't know what's broken?

To reach your optimal health and weight, you first need to know what the problem is. Too much, or a lack of a certain vitamin or mineral can lead to unpleasant signs and symptoms, for example low mood, fatigue and weight loss resistance.

✨ Understand the underlying causes for symptoms you’re experiencing.

✨ Get to know the ins and outs about: cholesterol, blood glucose, insulin, iron, vitamin D and more.

✨ Feel healthier and happier by reaching the optimal values!

The Blood Test Check is a useful guide when testing your blood – it contains a checklist to easily list and compare your results, it explains what the different tests indicate, and how you can improve your outcomes.

But why an e-book about blood tests?​​

Because it’s essential to get a clear picture of your health, before you can improve it. And yes, by health I also mean weight. Did you know that a vitamin D deficiency makes it so much harder to lose weight?

That’s why I always advise my clients to get a blood test done. And that’s why I created this guide for you too, so you can pay your GP a visit and know exactly which tests to get done and how to interpret your results. Experience the ease of testing and improving your blood levels for only €19!

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So, what's included in the Blood Test Check?

💃🏼 The 8 blood tests I always advise my clients to get done

💃🏼 Target ranges for these specific blood tests (and yes, they differ from the “general” guidelines)

💃🏼 Information about the blood tests included (why do I look at triglycerides and HDL cholesterol, and not just LDL?)

💃🏼 Tips on how to optimise your test results, so you’ll feel better, have more energy and lose weight

Ready to take your health seriously?

Take care of your body and health, by getting to the root cause of your weight and health struggles! Order the Blood Test Check now for only €19.