Simply Low-Carb

3-week meal plan

Do you want to improve your energy, combat your sugar cravings and feel your absolute best?

Simply Low-Carb is a three-week low-carb diet meal plan that introduces you to the world of low-carb eating! Better yet, it provides all the tools you need to ease into this new lifestyle.

Truth is, Simply Low-Carb is much more than a meal plan. It’s a project that I collaborated on with Abby Cooper, a low-carb high-fat recipe developer, food photographer and founder of Stem + Spoon. We partnered to create a low-carb diet meal plan that focuses on whole foods and listening to your body, rather than counting calories, tracking carbs, and wondering if you’re doing it “right.”

Is this meal plan right for you?

So, how do you know if Simply Low-Carb is a good fit to help you reach your goals?

✨ Are you curious about how to start a low-carb diet?

✨ Would you like to experience low-carb benefits? (Hello, weight loss, improved sleep, energy, and mental clarity!)

✨ Do you struggle losing weight even though you’ve “tried everything”?

✨ Are you searching for a new approach to eating that focuses on clean, whole foods?

Do you fall into any of the categories? I’m thrilled to share that our low-carb meal plan will guide you through all of that and more for only €37!

Sure, there are TONS of meal plans out there

But here's what sets our low-carb meal plan apart

• It is a thoughtfully curated meal plan in every aspect – from nutritional advice to simple and elevated low-carb recipes to its stunning design.

• We created this guide to help you ease into low-carb without worrying about the numbers. No need to track carbs, count calories, or weigh your food! Most meal plans out there take a completely opposite approach that can make a low-carb diet feel overly-complicated and difficult to manage.

• Guided by my expertise in low-carb diets, you can rest easy knowing that all of the nutritional components of low-carb eating were carefully considered. We did all the planning and nutrient calculations for you- the only thing left for you to do is to experience how good you feel!

• This valuable resource saves you time and money. In fact, if you had me craft a personalised meal plan for you, it would cost 3-4 times as much!

Get ready to regain control of your weight and health - without the hunger!

What's included in the Simply Low-Carb plan?

So, what does Simply Low-Carb include? We mapped out three week’s worth of low-carb eating. We included a low-carb food list to serve as your very own cheat sheet. There are shopping lists to help you plan out each week. And our low-carb meal plan also includes more than 70 recipes, a crash course on the benefits of low-carb, and our best tips for staying on-track (we even discuss fasting, alcohol, and eating out)!

to sum it up

💃🏼 A comprehensive 3-week meal plan that focusses on simple, clean eating and yummy variety 

💃🏼 Weekly shopping lists to make sure you’re prepared for the week ahead

💃🏼 Every recipe you will need (more than SEVENTY) for three full weeks

💃🏼 Must-know advice for beginning and maintaining a low-carb lifestyle

💃🏼 Low-carb food lists with easy-to-source foods

💃🏼 FAQs answered (counting carbs, gluten, alcohol, fasting and more)

Are you ready to focus on your weight, health and taste buds - all at the same time?​

For only €37, you’re getting a steal of a deal!

Jump right in and order your digital Simply Low-Carb meal plan below!